About Project

With a population of about 76,000, Adigrat, Tigray sits just south of the Ethiopian/Eritrean border, strategically making it an important city both geographically and historically. Like the rest of Ethiopia, Adigrat is growing and expanding but many residents are finding it more difficult to keep up with the boom. 

Because I have the unique experience and duality of being Ethiopian and American, I was able to capture the clash of tradition and globalization through these images, one the city and country are experiencing all at once.

I choose to use an everyday medium to tell an everyday story using listicles, photos, and GIFs. Listicles are a new way we consume information. They inform us like traditional articles but are more visual, colorful, and offer movement while scrolling through the page.

Please watch this short story for more background information. For questions or inquiries please email saba.aregai[at]gmail.com.